My Highlights of 2021

This year has been less than ideal for reasons we’re all too aware of, but I’d like to take a moment to focus on the positives and share a selection of my favourite images from some of the shoots I’ve been fortunate enough to work on this year:

BLAST Premier: Fall Finals in Copenhagen shot for Getty Images 

This event was the closest thing to normal I’ve experienced in a while and I am very grateful to Getty Images for sending me out to cover this one. The Royal Arena in Copenhagen was absolutely packed and the BLAST production was incredible. It was also great to see so many friends there who I hadn’t seen in almost two years!

F1 Esports Series Pro Championship

The F1 Esports Series has been running for 5 years now and I’m very proud to say I’ve been involved with shooting it since the beginning. It’s great to see how it’s evolved over the years, watching it go from strength to strength is a testament to how hard everyone works to make this a success. Even throughout the pandemic we’ve found a way to make it work. Although I’m hoping we can get the drivers back in the arena in person in 2022!

Slam Dunk Festival with We Are The In Crowd

I owe a huge debt to We Are The In Crowd as they were the first band to take me on tour in the USA (Warped Tour in 2014) and there is no doubt I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for the opportunities they gave me. The band announced a hiatus in 2016 but when they announced they would be playing a reunion show at Slam Dunk Festival I knew I couldn’t miss it for the world. It felt just like old times and it was incredible to be reunited with everyone after so long!

Product Photography for Astro & Logitech

Product photography is certainly not my forte, but it’s something I can do from the safety and comfort of home which has been very helpful during the pandemic. I really enjoy the challenge of learning something new and shooting these products was certainly different to what I’m used to. With event photography I rarely have control of the lighting, so being in full control of all the lighting made this shoot feel more like a science. I still have a lot to learn and improve on, but I’m pretty happy with how these came out.

League of Legends World Championship in Reykjavík, Iceland

Iceland has always been a bucket-list destination for me, so when Razer asked me to travel out there to follow Mad Lions at Worlds I thought Christmas had come early. The stage was absolutely incredible and being involved in such a prestigious event was truly an honour. The Mad Lions players & staff made me feel very welcome and were great fun to photograph. While I was out there I also managed to go on a tour to see the aurora borealis - it’s not guaranteed that you’ll see them but I got incredibly lucky and managed to catch them on a good night! 

FIFA Global Series Open

I’m a big fan of what Esports Engine are doing and have a great deal of respect for a lot of the people they are hiring lately, so I was very happy when I got the call to shoot the FIFA Global Series event they were producing at Twickenham Stadium. The original plan was to have players at this event in person, but sadly due to covid it had to be scaled back. Still, the production was slick and the enormous curved LED wall was a sight to behold! 

Aubameyang & Scuf Gaming

Whenever I get a call from Scuf I know it’s going to be for something exciting and this occasion was no different. They launched a new controller in collaboration with Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and wanted me there to capture his initial reaction to the controller and take some BTS shots of the video shoot which was happening at his house on the same day. When I parked up and rang the doorbell I certainly didn’t expect him to answer the door himself! Pierre was incredibly friendly and a genuine pleasure to work with - his car collection isn’t too bad either.

Macmillan Game Heroes

A few of my closest friends have raised money through the Macmillan Game Heroes initiative so I’m very aware of the incredible work Macmillan Cancer Support do. It was great to be able to be involved in this project and create some images which will be used to promote Game Heroes moving forward and hopefully help them raise more money for a great cause!

ePremier League Finals

It’s always great to see crossovers between real-world brands and gaming, and few make a more perfect match then the Premier League and FIFA. Sadly we didn’t have any players in the arena, but I was still grateful to be covering the studio side of this production down at the Gfinity arena in London. 

Red Bull Kumite London

This was the first event in the UK with players travelling from all over the world to compete in person since before the pandemic, so it was a real privilege to be shooting this. We all had to enter a bubble together and test extensively to make this happen, but the end result was definitely worth all the effort everyone put in. I always love shooting fighting game events as the matches are so intense and the pop-offs explosive. I certainly wouldn’t mind more opportunities to cover events for the FGC in future!

If you made it down this far, thank you for taking the time to check out my work, I appreciate you. 

I wish you all the best for 2022 - take care and stay safe!

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