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  1. Gfinity Elite Series // Season 3

    Date 26 Oct 2018
    Here’s a look back at some of my photo highlights from the third season of the Gfinity Elite Series: For more information on the Elite Series, click here!

  2. Gfinity Elite Series // Season 2

    Date 08 Mar 2018
    After the success of Elite Series Season 1, Gfinity were kind enough to invite me back to shoot Season 2. This season ran over 9 event weekends so there was plenty of time to get to know the players well, which gave me some great photo opportunities! Here are some of…

  3. My Highlights of 2017

    Date 31 Dec 2017
    I know 2017 hasn’t been the best for our world in general, but I’d like to take a moment to share a few of my personal highlights. 2017 marked my 6th year of being a freelance photographer and I decided to focus on esports photography, a decision which seems to have paid off. I shot a…

  4. F1 Esports Series // Semi-Final

    Date 07 Nov 2017
    This year marked the first ever F1 Esports Series which took place at the Gfinity arena in London, and I was fortunate enough to be invited down to photograph the event! The stage looked incredible and the drivers were sat in custom racing seats made by Playseat. The top 10 drivers from this…

  5. Gfinity Elite Series // Season 1

    Date 04 Oct 2017
    This year Gfinity launched the Elite Series, which is a huge multi-game competition offering the UK’s esports community a professional league to get behind and participate in, from the grass roots all the way to the pro-level. I was fortunate enough to shoot the entire first season, which featured Rocket…

  6. Airbourne - It’s All for Rock ‘n’ Roll

    Date 29 Sep 2017
    The Airbourne documentary “It’s All for Rock ‘n’ Roll” I created with Matthew Stocks was finally released today, after almost 4 years of us working on it! The journey we went on to get this finished certainly had its highs and lows, so it’s a great feeling to finally have…

  7. My Highlights of 2016

    Date 28 Dec 2016
    2016 has been a rough one for a number of reasons we’re all aware of, but I’d like to take a moment to focus on some personal positives. This is my 5th year of being a full-time freelance photographer, and I’m happy to say things are still going strong! I…

  8. ESL UK Premiership Finals

    Date 07 Nov 2016
    I was recently invited down to shoot the ESL UK Premiership Finals which were being held at MCM Comic Con in London! I’ve regularly attended MCM over the last 10 years, so to be involved in working at the event was something I was very excited about. We hosted a different…

  9. My Home Office

    Date 10 Jun 2016
    If I’m not away on tour or out on a shoot, there’s a good chance I’ll be sat in my office editing. For this reason it’s very important that this is a positive space where I want to spend a lot of time. I often get asked about my set-up, so I thought I’d post some…

  10. Yellowcard // Slam Dunk Festival

    Date 05 Jun 2016
    I was recently lucky enough to be invited down to shoot Yellowcard at Slam Dunk Festival in Hatfield where they were performing Ocean Avenue in full. The album came out in 2003 and I have many fond memories attached to it, so to be able capture this special set was an honour…

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