1. Yellowcard // Slam Dunk Festival

    05 Jun 2016
    I was recently lucky enough to be invited down to shoot Yellowcard at Slam Dunk Festival in Hatfield where they were performing Ocean Avenue in full. The album came out in 2003 and I have many fond memories attached to it, so to be able capture this special set was…

  2. Battlefield 1 - World Premiere

    28 May 2016
    When Gfinity asked me to shoot a “secret EA event” they were hosting at their arena in London, I was pretty excited to say the least. When I arrived on the day and found out it was the World Premiere of the latest release in the Battlefield franchise, a series…

  3. Thank You, Astro Gaming!

    14 Apr 2016
    The awesome guys at Astro Gaming were recently kind enough to hook me up in return for my photo contributions to the eSports scene. This was a very welcome surprise, I can’t thank them enough! The A40 headset sounds incredible and the Scout backpack is definitely going to come in…

  4. Halo World Championship

    26 Jan 2016
    I recently photographed the UK leg of the Halo World Championship down at the Gfinity arena in London. The players were competing to qualify for the next stage of the competition for an eventual prize pool worth over $2,000,000! Here are some of my favourite photos from the event: 

  5. My Highlights of 2015

    30 Dec 2015
    This year has been nothing short of incredible. I made so many new friends, saw some unbelievable new places and had the time of my life touring the world. Every day I think about how lucky I am to do what I love for a living, and this year really…

  6. Guitar Hero Live - Behind The Scenes

    23 Oct 2015
    When I was given the opportunity to be a photographer in the latest addition to the Guitar Hero franchise, I couldn’t quite believe my luck. As a big fan of the series, being given the chance to be immortalised inside the game was a huge deal for me. If you…

  7. FIFA 16 Launch Event

    02 Oct 2015
    I was recently invited down to the Gfinity Arena in London to shoot the UK launch of FIFA 16. As a big fan of the series, this was a very exciting event for me There was a celebrity knockout tournament which saw the likes of Rio Ferdinand, Danny Jones, Nathaniel…

  8. I’m featured in the new Guitar Hero!

    17 Aug 2015
    I’m incredibly excited to finally announce that over the last few months I’ve been involved in the making of the latest addition to the Guitar Hero franchise. I’m featured as a photographer in the game and if you look closely at 2:00 you can see me snapping away in the…

  9. Gfinity 100k Call of Duty Summer Masters

    12 Aug 2015
    I recently had the pleasure of shooting the Gfinity Call of Duty Summer Masters, which had a total prize pool of $100,000. All the best teams from around the world were invited, including OpTic, FaZe and EnVy. I’ve followed the competitive CoD scene for a while now, so it’s always…

  10. Topman #GamerStyle

    06 Aug 2015
    While shooting the Gfinity100k Call of Duty tournament last weekend, I got sent along to Topman with the 8 casters working the event. The casters got to pick any outfit from the store, then viewers of the tournament had to vote on the best dressed. It was a surprisingly fun…

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